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Making a Principia Education Possible

Principia has made a strong commitment to ensuring that no qualified student is prevented from attending the School or College due to lack of funds. And for College students, we provide as much aid as possible in scholarships and grants, not loans. (Financial aid for School students never includes loans.)

Principia College is ranked #6 on U.S. News & World Report's 2022 list of colleges that provide the highest quality education for the lowest price.

“I am beyond grateful for all those who have contributed financially to my Principia education. I love all of the amazing opportunities that are available to me. The trips and hands-on classroom activities bring joy to my schooling experience.”
—Ellie, Upper School

Unlike many educational institutions, Principia does not accept government funding for financial aid. Even so, with consistent and generous gifts from donors, we were able to provide nearly $18 million in scholarships and financial aid to students on both campuses last year.

Support Today's Students

A gift to student aid goes directly to support Principia's qualified (and very appreciative!) learners. And if you’d like to create or endow a scholarship, we’d love to work with you to do so. Contact Robin Sellers at 314.514.3117 for more information.

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