Matching Gifts

Many employers offer matching gift programs. Does yours? Last year, companies nationwide matched their employees’ gifts to Principia, resulting in nearly $54,000 in company contributions. Many employers also match gifts made by their retirees and/or spouses of employees.

Try one of these simple ways to determine if your employer will match your gift to Principia:

  • Check your company’s intranet or website for Matching Gifts
  • Ask your Human Resources Department
  • Call Principia at 800.218.7746, ext. 3523, or email us.
  • Use the Matching Gift Company Search below

If your company matches, you may be able to access the forms directly through the search. Follow your company's procedure, and, of course, Principia will be happy to help. The impact of your gift may be doubled or possibly tripled, and some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Please note, however, that due to individual employer restrictions, Principia may not be eligible to receive matching donations.

Employer Restrictions

Your company may have one or more of the following stipulations:

  • A minimum matching gift amount (usually $25)
  • A limit to matching gift amounts per calendar year
  • Restrictions on gifts to athletics and/or building funds
  • Restrictions on giving to higher education
  • Time constraints on giving and verifying your gift

My company will match my gift, what do I do now?

Follow the step-by-step process listed below to maximize your personal contribution:

  1. Obtain a Matching Gift Form from your employer, or register your gift on your employer's website.
  2. Give a gift to Principia, and mail us your employer's Matching Gift Form.
  3. Principia will verify your gift with your employer.
  4. Your employer will send the matched amount to Principia.
  5. Principia will notify you when your gift has been matched.

Make a Gift Online Now

Be sure to fill in your employer's name on the form. Please mail your matching gift form to Principia at the address below, or submit your employer's form electronically at

The Principia
Matching Gift Coordinator
13201 Clayton Road
St. Louis, MO 63131